Real estate is ready for the blockchain. Or is blockchain ready for real estate? The global real estate market has been around since the beginning of time and has become more and more valuable, continuously, decade after decade.

Now you can invest in real estate, even if you don’t have 20% or 5% to put down as a downpayment. You no longer have to worry about monthly payments, the toilet breaking, tenants acting up, making sure you manage your cashflow perfectly, or else you go out of business. We take care of ALL this, and pay you 75% of the profits. That’s better than you could do if you have a complete downpayment and hired people to manage the entire business for you. You’d be lucky to get 40%.

We come into the market and solve a lot of these problems for people. We want it to be so profitable and desirable to anyone, that even if they have a full downpayment on a house in their neighbourhood, that they’ll still prefer to deal with us because it is that much more profitable and easy to deal with us than doing it all themselves. It’s a hands off, turnkey solution to becoming a profitable real estate owner. It is also faster to start buying real estate today than it was in the past. 

Purchase your first piece of real estate today.

Our roadmap is mapped out until year 2100. Yes the founder will likely be dead by then but our plan is to stay in business forever and let the next generation build on existing wealth and systems.

By 2100, we will own an equivalent of 1,000 paid off properties. It may not seem like a lot, but that’s still a lot of people making money from what we have created, not to mention they own real estate now, and so do some of their children because you can buy this thing for your children too. Imagine that? By the time your toddler gets out of school, they will likely have enough equity in this fund you’ve been building for them to purchase their own home, or leave it in to grow until they need to retire or pass it on to their children, and their children. That’s how generational wealth is built. It keeps compounding and the results are astounding if you give it at least 30 to 40 years. 

We will create a token which will have voting power if the holder holds a certain amount of it. 
We will reward holders of the token with residual income or accumulated real estate until they are very wealthy individuals. 
We will reward the long term investors and token holders because the system will be set out to work that way. 
We will launch an ICO as soon as it is appropriate, but we will not ask anyone to buy. We will let it run for a set period of time and if nobody purchases anything then we will keep building until it is so attractive, that nobody can deny it. 
We are blessed to be in charge of building this real estate revolution and let anyone own real estate.

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