Real Estate Crowdfunding


Buy some for yourself, and for your children.

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Our strategy is simple. We will purchase this house in cash, renovate it and rent it out. You will own 1/500th of the property. We will take care of tenants, renovations, and every aspect of the property management side to make sure it’s always in business.

Not only will there be guaranteed income for you, but also the property will keep appreciating over the years. It will never be repossessed by the bank because we will purchase it in cash, so the business model ensures we are incapable of going out of business no matter what happens, which means you are guaranteed to keep your investment and have it grow.

If we ever sell the property because it is a financially wise decision and we want to reinvest the money into another property, all share owners will make a vote on whether to do it or not. If more than 50% are in favour, we will move forward. If not, then we will not sell it.

The profits will be paid out after expenses to maintain the property, which won’t be much because we will purchase the property in cash so at least there won’t be a mortgage.

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