In tokyo they’re rented out for over 700$ a month. One day we suspect Auckland will be able to do the same. Our plan is to buy, hold, and collect rent for many years to come.
We are going to buy this one with cash. Find a good tenant, do the paperwork, and let them use the parking spot while we collect income automatically. The income is then used to pay fees associated with ownership of this property, and split the difference between all investors. Turba Fiscus charges a 25% management and organisation fee and owns 25% of your share. We will apply great effort to purchase the investment back from you if you wish to be out, but we cannot guarantee instant availability of funds. You can however, always sell it to anyone else you wish by transferring the property over to their name.

A piece of Real Estate in the City for a small investment. Undercover and secure Carpark. Close to Auckland Sky City Casino, Viaduct Waterfront, Motorways, Cafes and Restaurants. Asking price $100,000 plus GST (if any)

By investing $5,000 you are going to be one of the 20 investors. You can purchase more than $5,000 if you so wish to own more shares in this pool.
There will be 20 spots, and Turba Fiscus takes a 25% share for management.

Current APY is unknown, but there will be a payout as soon as we find a tenant. We may use a real estate agent if their fees justify the return they can bring us. Payout via Bitcoin, or PayPal.

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